3 Benefits Of An Operational Excellence Platform


Using the right operational excellence solution will make a dramatic difference in the way you do business. From the moment you implement EON, you’ll see the benefits reverberating across your company to create positive change.

Here’s the kind of excellence you’ll encounter every day.

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Real-Time Visibility

Key metrics are tracked in a real-time dashboard that shows exactly where things stand, moment by moment. In an intuitive green/yellow/red display, employees can see what’s going well (green), areas where guidance is needed (yellow), and major roadblocks (red).

This sets the stage for teams to work together on each yellow-flagged issue, addressing it before it becomes a crisis. Managers are constantly aware of situations that could stop work or create serious problems down the line. Employees have ongoing motivation to stay sharp.

EON’s real-time visibility creates an atmosphere of transparency and personal responsibility at your company. It allows managers to act as helpful coaches, encouraging team members to maintain progress toward company goals.


Centralized Information

When a question comes up, it’s a crucial point where work slows and mistakes can unfold. Somehow, the employee must find a solution. Traditionally they would email a colleague, look around for a supervisor, or attempt to research the answer through company materials. Who knows if they’d ever find the right answer?

Enter EON. As a central repository for all improvement project data, it functions as the final answer for all employee questions. As they work, employees can check with EON for specs, time frames, project partners, objectives, expected deliverables, and more. If a safety issue or defect arises, workers can consult EON for the proper procedures and keep the project rolling.

EON empowers employees to seek help on their own - and it reassures management that everyone will always find accurate answers.


Day-to-day Operations Data

EON also frees up the entire team from the time-consuming task of creating presentations that show work status. The software is tracking the project at all times, and the current status is just a couple of  clicks away.

When it’s time to generate a report, the supervisor doesn’t need to message employees, follow long trails of emails, or walk around asking for detailed data. It’s all held in EON, ready for display.

See a scorecard that tracks statuses from across your organization, and know instantly which projects are at risk. The scorecard also can show the earned value of process activities, so you can easily show the higher-ups some ROI.

Have you ever used playbooks (previously called heatmaps)? If you haven't, you're missing out on some serious value. They’re built directly into EON. Playbooks show your day-to-day performance in a color-blocked grid that functions as a warning dashboard. A playbook is perfect for process improvement toward regulatory compliance, exceeding industry standards, increasing output, and minimizing accidents or errors.


Use the strategy tool to monitor company improvement strategies and highlight project milestones. These are perfect opportunities to celebrate success as your company makes progress toward maximum operational excellence.

EON's exceptional real-time visibility, centralized information, and day-to-day operations data are just a few of the reasons why meetings are more effective when you've got EON on your side.


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