Pricing Packages

We have assembled the best mix of features, support and content to suit your business and it's budget

Standard Packages


Robust solution for the management of improvement initiatives


/ mo

  • The perfect solution for compact teams who want to implement and manage their continuous improvement work


A powerful tool for improving cross-functional collaboration or focused improvement efforts


/ mo

  • The go-to resource for medium to large organizations that need impactful improvement interventions across the board


An integrative, all-encompassing system that helps deliver sustainable improvement work


  • For large institutions looking to implement sustainable, impactful and company-wide improvement efforts at scale

SME Package

Base Package

Enterprise Package

up to 10 USERS up to 30 USERS +/- 150 users


Features Accessibility Limited Full Full
Standard Playbooks 1 1 All
Premium Playbooks - 1 2
Custom Playbooks - 1 3+
Client Support Hours 12 36 72+

Have more questions?

  • Which option is best for my organization?

    The correct combination of support, features and collateral - while generally applicable to organization size as shown above - can sometimes vary on a case-by-case basis.  Please contact us to discuss which option is best for your circumstances.

  • How can I be sure that EON will add value?

    If not already convinced, please reach out to us for a one-on-one conversation where we will show you the exact benefit of having EON as a tool for your improvement efforts.

  • How does access work?

    Once activated, your EON instance will be live and accessible to all users. This is a cloud-based platform, meaning mobile access from any device with valid login details.

  • How will I be billed?

    Billing is on an annual basis.

  • Can I incorporate existing CI/OpEx models into EON?

    Yes! In addition to already having playbooks covering popular CI/OpEx models, EON allows for the creation of custom playbooks which are perfect for capturing your in-house models, processes and standards.

  • How do other organizations use EON?

    The EON platform is highly configurable and easy to use because it's hosted in the cloud and requires only a user account and a web browser.  There are a variety of ways to use the platform, such as assessing OpEx functional maturity, accessing our growing library of playbooks, developing strategic objectives, tracking KPIs, and conducting project portfolio and lifecycle management.  Our Client Success team works with you to develop the proper use case for EON as part of the process of developing the service plan.

  • Will our information be securely hosted on the EON platform?

    All of your data is stored and processed securely in the cloud using  Amazon Web Services (AWS) data storage. AWS is the premier data storage and security solution trusted by organizations like the FDA, NASDAQ, Dow Jones, and many others.

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