Who is EON?

Learn more about the impact we aim to make, our history, and our team.

Mission & Vision

Although our business has evolved notably over the years, our roots are what give us the upper hand in helping our clients. We believe that our awesome combination of platform, content, and services specifically designed to enable teams to be more capable & productive, all while accelerating the the impact of OpEx is truly unbeatable. Which is why we envision a future where businesses can grow sustainably and with integrity through EON.

We believe in a holistic and, above all, sustainable approach to business improvement. We aspire to develop, engage, and inspire all with whom we interact. That’s why when our clients rely on EON.

Company Values


    The pursuit of mastery and achievement of quality; to never be satisfied with just “good enough,” rather to go above and beyond what is expected.


    Uncomplicated methods. Distilled, refined, pure, efficient, succinct, while maintaining integrity.


    Embracing self-directed, independent thought in making contributions. Empowering one another to make decisions and contribute in a way that accelerates the whole.


    Our personal and collective responsibility we have towards ourselves and one another. Everyone aligning to an outcome and working towards a common goal.


    Consistency in character and behavior, no matter one’s location or present company.
    Unbiased consideration and regard for the rights, values, beliefs and property of all.


    It takes a village. Everyone across the business contributes, where no one person’s inputs are more or less valuable than another.


    Focus on the impact of a life well lived and a business well run by investing in habits that enable desired growth both personally and professionally.


    Data-driven decisions, outcomes-based focus to measure and ensure desired impact. Ensuring that inputs result in an impact that objectively lead toward the collective goals.

Operational excellence is creating a sustainable competitive advantage through operations management.


"Sustainable" reinforces the idea that operational excellence is not an outcome achieved through good fortune; an operationally excellent organization has a continuous and demonstrated track record of superior performance.


“Competitive advantage” is important because it grounds operational excellence in reality; namely it cannot be merely an academic exercise or social experiment. Rather, it exists in order to deliver value to the business.  


"Through operations management," explicitly states where the competitive advantage is derived.  In this case, it comes from the way Operations is managed – including business processes, work practices, and the likes.

The EON Model

The EON platform was built on our own OpEx model. In this model, we hinge on four main workflows played out across three maturity stages. The model is our methodology, the EON platform is the tool that helps implement it. 

At each stage, it's critical to consider four key workflows while The 5th workflow, Manage the OpEx Function Purposefully, is foundational and applies across all stages.

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Our Story

  • The Early Days

    We began as a consultancy and quickly evolved into a software solutions provider.  Back in the old days (2005-2013), we went by the name Phase 5 Group (P5G), and our mission was to help large, multi-site companies deploy sustainable operational excellence programs. That’s consulting speak for “we helped companies improve.”


  • Our ‘Aha!’ Moment

    What became abundantly clear to us during that time was that most of our clients were using spreadsheets, shared drives, and massive e-mail strings to manage their improvement efforts. It was messy, inefficient, and frustrating to say the least.

    We knew there had to be a better way—so we set out to create it.


  • Building the Software

    In April of 2013, we began building what you now know as EON.  We were officially on our way to creating the first ever Enterprise Excellence Platform.

    That fateful decision set off a chain reaction, leading us to completely reinvent ourselves as an enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) company. We launched EON to the world in July of 2014 and never looked back.


  • Capturing a Global Presence

    By mid-2016 the EON software grew in supporting companies across the globe, officially reaching its user-base across each continent.


  • Partnering with CCi

    In late 2019,  Competitive Capabilities International (CCi) absorbed the EON Platform into its offerings.

    CCI is a global operations excellence management company that drives sustainable bottom line results for its clients by building world class capability and best practices across the entire value chain. With 30 years’ experience, CCI’s footprint spans more than 70 countries, with over 2000 operations across the globe.