Manage Projects

What are projects?

Project is a term with multiple applications.  In the world of operational excellence, projects can be defined as a discrete set of related activities involving multiple people (i.e., the project team) in order to solve a problem or improve performance.  All projects should operate on a time scale and achieve measurable outcomes.  Additionally, all projects should be well-managed and follow a proven method to ensure those outcomes are achieved.

For operational excellence teams, projects provide tangible opportunities to apply and teach operational excellence concepts, methods, and tools to improve performance within the business.

The Projects feature in EON supports project portfolio and lifecycle management


Why Manage Projects in the Platform?

Our tool standardizes your project management process into a consolidated view of your entire project portfolio.

  • Charter projects for the OpEx function or anywhere else in the business
  • Assign ownership for individual projects and create project teams
  • Connect projects to individual strategies
  • Connect key performance indicators
  • Prioritize projects based on cost, complexity, and ROI
  • Track monthly project value capture against estimated value

Core Benefits of Managing Projects in the Platform.

  • Enable disciplined approach to project selection, prioritization, and management
  • Easily identify projects that are out of scope and work towards an increased alignment in priorities and focused work across the business
  • Demonstrate the value that the improvement efforts bring to the business through the project work
  • Reinforce a culture of transparency, alignment, and accountability

Monitor in Real Time

Regardless of where a project originates, you’ll always have a finger on the pulse of your improvement work.

This helps you drive management and accountability at the right levels, and address issues at their source.

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