SQF E8 Module 2 for Manufacturing

Standard Playbook Offering


The playbook for SQF E8 Food Safety Code MFG-Module 2 is an aid for implementation of the subject code in manufacturing. This playbook has questions aligned with SQF Standards, a layman’s explanation of the standard, suggestions for objective evidence demonstrating compliance, and pro tips that help with the successful implementation of SQF System Elements, like specifications, food safety systems, allergen management, food defense and food fraud.

The major workflows (topics) covered by this Playbook includes:

    • Management Commitment
    • Document Control and Records
    • Specification and Product Development
    • Food Safety System
  • SQF Systems Verification
  • Product ID, Trace, and Recall
  • Food Defense and Food Fraud
  • Allergen Management
  • Training

Who Should Consider the Playbook?

Any consumables manufacturing environment that seeks compliance with the SQF E8 Module.

What's Included?

  • 37 implementation toolkits across 9 workflows
  • Multiple implementation tools, templates, and examples
  • Links to relevant external content and resources
  • Binomial (yes/no) assessments against toolkit standards
Food technicians working together in a food processing plant-1

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