Implementing Operational Excellence

Standard Playbook Offering


A non-industry-specific playbook that highlights the must-do's when implementing an operational excellence strategy.

The major workflows (topics) covered by this Playbook includes:

    • Leadership
    • Safety & Daily Operations
  • Project Execution
  • Lean Basics

Who Should Consider the Playbook?

This playbook is a natural progression from our standard "Deploying OpEx" playbook, and should be an integral tool for any organization looking to delivery on an OpEx strategy.

What's Included?

This playbook will delve into the major topics of OpEx strategy implementation. This will include:

    • 19 implementation toolkits across 4 workflows
    • Multiple implementation tools, templates, and examples
    • Links to relevant external content and resources
    • Binomial (yes/no) assessments against toolkit standards

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