Deploying OpEx

Standard Playbook Offering

An strategic look at the process behind introducing an operational excellence strategy within an organisation. 

The major workflows (topics) covered by this Playbook includes:

    • Strategy
    • Leadership Prepare for Deployement
  • Leadership Deployment
  • OpEx Task Force Prepare for Deployment

Who Should Consider the Playbook?

If your organization has considered beginning its journey towards operational excellence but has yet to prepare itself for the process, then you will find this playbook extremely useful.


What's Included?

  • This playbook will delve into the strategy behind deploying an operational excellence initiative. Included are the following:

    • 24 implementation toolkits across 4 workflows
    • Multiple implementation tools, templates, and examples
    • Links to relevant external content and resources
    • Binomial (yes/no) assessments against toolkit standards

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